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About The Crafty Plum

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Hi, my name is Christin. Though I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana, I have lived the past 16 years in Monticello with my husband, Scott, and our family. Raising a blended family with 4 kids, we were very active and involved in our small community.

I am a musician that plays in 2 local bands and a retired preschool teacher. My love for music and the arts made craft time one of my favorite parts of the day. There's nothing more relaxing than expressing yourself through the arts and making a mess.

By opening The Crafty Plum, your DIY store and having a craft venue for events, I hope to give everyone the opportunity to come and join me in making a mess. One thing I know in crafting is that It's more fun when you don't have to plan it.. get it ready.. or clean it up. In this space you will be able to show up, enjoy some relaxation while crafting and socializing, and leave the mess for someone else.

As the word spreads and The Crafty Plum grows we hope to have weekly organized events and classes, but also offer specific free times that people can come and use supplies to make projects of their choice. My goal is to have a shop for people to purchase one of a kind gifts. So follow us on Facebook and watch our website for changes and new things. Feel free to share ideas if there is something you would like me to offer or feedback about anything I can do better.

And if crafting isn't your thing but you would like a customized gift.. we can make it for you.

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